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Welcome to the SMS website.

NEW NUMBER Ph.0401 611 455

Tired of paying too much for laser parts?

No competition between suppliers?

Genuine "Class Legal" Laser spars

  • NEW Full Rig Bottom Section COMPLETE RRP$
  • NEW Radial Rig Bottom Section COMPLETE RRP$
  • NEW 4P7 Rig Bottom Section COMPLETE RRP$
  • NEW Top Bottom Section COMPLETE RRP$
  • If you are club racing,why not save $hundreds by considering our new Competition Spars?Virtually identical spec.s to the original but generally at less than half the price.
  • Fantastic value for money compared to the originals
  • Reduce the wear & tear on your high cost components
  • Use our Competition Spars for club racing and turn up to the laser regatta with your little used or unused originals.

We guarantee these products.I will use them on my own boat

Contact us on Ph.0401 611 455 or Ph.9817 2286

or email us at

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  • Competition Full rig bottom section
  • Competition Radial rig bottom section
  • Competition 4.7 rig bottom section
  • Competition top section
  • Competition boom


  • Competition carbon fibre spars


We currently also offer "class legal" spars,sails and parts.These are available whilst stocks last.In general our "class legal" parts are approx. 10% less in price for the same items you will buy off other laser "dealers".

*Disclaimer: We previously were able to purchase Laser products directly from the Australian Laser manufacturer (hence our stocks of boats & genuine Laser products).We no longer have any association with this company and we have no endorsements from them.We reserve the right to sell off our existing stocks of high quality,original Laser products.Laser trademarks are specifically owned and protected by the Licence holders (which have no association with our company)