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Used l#s#rs

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at great prices.

Limited offer


We currently have some great deals on little used,used l#s#rs (not clapped out ones that have been used hard for several seasons and have been traded-up because wear & tear is starting to show and sold at inflated prices).Our stocks of late model l#s#rs have not been used since and are carefully stored so they don't deteriorate.

We can offer variations on our standard boat packages.

Trade ins considered*

(*please note that you are likely to loose up to $1000 if you do a trade-in with any dealer.Most dealers inflate their prices so they can "do you a great trade-in deal".We recommend selling your boat privately for a better price)

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NEW (in bag) Class legal sails

  • R#DI#L

$XXX incl. numbers

*Disclaimer: We previously were able to purchase L#s#r products directly from the Australian manufacturer (hence our stocks of boats & genuine products).We no longer have any association with this company and we have no endorsements from them.We reserve the right to sell off our existing stocks of CLASS LEGAL l#s#r products.L#s#r trademarks are specifically owned and protected by the Licence holders (which have no association with our company)